Data Center Services

On-prem, cloud or hybrid? Valortech can help you select and implement the best model that meets your specific business needs.

  • Infrastructure as a Service

  • Business Continuity

  • Disaster Recovery

  • Backup Services & Replication

  • Co-Location Services

  • Hardware as a Service

  • Virtual Desktop Instance

  • Virtual Private Server

  • Platform as a Service

  • Cloud Migration



Capacity and availability where and when your company needs it, backed by real-time visibility and control over your deployment with our Service Delivery Platform. Whether you’re seeking a single cabinet, cage—or for greater privacy—a custom designed suite, we’ve got solutions that scale to meet your needs and timeline, including high-density options.



Custom solutions to give you confidence in your cloud migration choice your business is complex, and your system needs reflects that. If you’re considering or have decided to migrate your data and applications.  Valortech partners with AWS, Azure & Google. 


Organizations simply want IT environments to work, but the reality is that your IT team’s performance is impaired by spending too much time keeping the lights on, managing vendors, and routine daily operations. With Valortech guided expertise as a managed dedicated private cloud hosting provider, we can help you perform the essential tasks that you can’t, or choose not to, in order to optimize the value of your existing or future IT investments. Valortech can fulfill your secure managed private cloud hosting demands whether on fully dedicated hardware or in a shared infrastructure model. We have the agility to build a solution that is optimized for your organization’s workload and needs.


More organizations are moving toward a hybrid cloud environment to reduce their geographical footprint, reduce costs and protect against data loss in the event of a disaster. Valortech professional cloud services delivers the benefits of business agility, competitive advantage and cost reduction to companies that have moved their workloads.  Hybrid clouds combine the advantages of public and private cloud where a company can leverage third-party cloud providers in either a full or partial manner. A hybrid cloud environment is also capable of providing on-demand, externally provisioned scalability. Augmenting a traditional private cloud with the resources of a public cloud can be used to manage any unexpected surges in workload.