Managed IT Services

ValorTech's ValorShield Managed IT Services

Provide the Best End-User Experience Possible.

  • Remote Monitoring​

  • Co-Managed IT

  • 24/7 Help Desk

  • Infrastructure Support

  • Vendor Management

  • End User Support & Access



Modern businesses like yours are reliant on their IT systems and need around-the-clock support. With Valortech Network Monitoring and Cyber Threat Monitoring, that’s precisely what you get. Our dedicated Network Operation Centre monitors your network twenty-four-seven, helping you deal with whatever technical challenges you face. With us, you get assistance whether you’re embroiled in a full-blown IT crisis or just need to patch your current software. If there’s a problem, we get you back up and running, fast.

We provide experts with a wide variety of skills, including business strategy, communications, and NOC support. Being able to draw on such broad expertise, you get a comprehensive service that can react to whatever network issues come your way. With us, there’s no need to juggle lots of vendors - just a single, simple service you can trust.


System Support

Valor Technologies has taken the next step to ensure reliability among our clients by creating a true partner.  Our customers are our lifeblood! Your network is your lifeblood! Valor Technologies provides guaranteed Emergency Services to contract clients to ensure that your systems are up and running.  With our 24/7 monitoring and support team we provide guaranteed response Service Level Agreements (SLA) to customers whose infrastructure has to operate at the 99.999’s. Our service agreements provide you with peace of mind that our highly trained technical staff is available to service your infrastructure requirements anytime, day or night!

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User Support

Your people are your greatest asset.  In today’s world, the value of IT in getting the job done has never been greater.  Unfortunately, all of the investments in the latest software applications and tools won’t lead to business results unless YOUR PEOPLE have what they need, when they need it and your systems are working the way they were intended to be.  

Valor Technologies’ Network Operations Team works around the clock to support and continuously educate your staff.  With Valor Technologies as your IT partner, you can truly transform your organization to succeed and thrive in the Digital Economy.


Ensuring 99.99999% Up-Time

Near-perfection is now the norm. Your business likely relies heavily on your network and systems to stay connected and productive. That’s why achieving the Five Nines standard is necessary when choosing an IT Support provider for your company.