Technology Investments

Equipping your organization with the right tools at the best value is essential for successful operations.

  • Infrastructure

  • Network

  • Devices

  • Platforms

  • Business Applications


The best workforce deserves the best equipment to get the job done.  Valortech will evaluate your needs and recommend the most cost-effective technologies to work within your IT budget.  By leveraging our contractual relationships with the top IT distributors, we can fulfill all of your requirements for server, storage, networking and edge computing devices.  You can order directly through our client portal and we will help you select, procure, install and integrate the latest technologies into your stack.  

Gear up, and let’s get it on!


In the Digital Economy, software has become the lifeblood for running your business.  Unfortunately, for many organizations over 50% of their enterprise software functions and features don’t get used.  Valortech believes there is a better way.  We work with our clients to ensure you are investing in the right software for the right reasons at the right price point.  Our consultants can help identify your current and future business requirements and select the best solutions for your business.  We believe software works best when it is seamlessly integrated into your workflows and operations.  With over 50 years of experience working with applications, security, infrastructure platforms and custom software, you can rest easy knowing Valortech will help you get the most from your software investments.  

Trusted IT at your back!


The explosion of Cloud and SaaS offerings in the market has brought incredible choices to organizations in every industry. In fact, a typical smartphone device has over 75 Cloud/SaaS applications running on it.  It is very likely that a cloud-based application already exists to meet your computing needs.  With the myriad of available choices come some important questions:

  • Which vendor platform should we choose?

  • How many user licenses will we need?

  • How will the off-premise solutions integrate with our internal systems?


  • How can we share and secure our data across a patchwork of application providers?

Valor Technologies works with our clients to select, procure and administer the software licenses that support your overall IT strategy and budget.  Let’s work together to develop your operations roadmap!

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