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ValorTech Puts Education First

We Work to Protect Your Students, Staff & Data

K-12 schools are facing numerous challenges when it comes to cybersecurity. Exploitation of school networks, systems and devices is on the rise…and as schools increasingly rely on technology to support their teaching and learning activities, their vulnerability also rises. As the pandemic ushered in the new norm of remote learning, a new opportunity arose for ransomware and cyber threats to our education system.

Unique Challenges...

Cybersecurity ranked as the number 1 priority among K-12 technology leaders for the past five years in a row, according to a 2023 CoSN report. Cyberattacks put sensitive data about students and employees at risk and cause major disruptions to teaching, learning, and administrative functions in a school district. Today, cybercriminals are increasingly targeting K12 districts and schools, viewing them as easy targets because of frequently underfunded IT functions and lack of in-house cybersecurity experts.


ValorTech understands the unique challenges K12 organizations face, partnering with them to augment their resources and maximize their technology spend. We recently helped a Wisconsin school district reduce their cybersecurity prevention costs by over 75%, simplifying their technology blueprint and increasing overall security district-wide. The district's Superintendent boasted the value of our partnership, saying, ValorTech CEO Bryan Sevener's "experience as a board member, being in the education setting, understanding our budgets, but then having that cybersecurity mindset, was really our inside advantage."

ValorTech offers end-to-End Support for K12 Districts and Schools. Learn about our complete suite of Managed IT, Security, Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery & Storage solutions below:

System Uptime

Cyberattacks and lack of IT support result in learning disruptions and revert classrooms back to the 20th century. According to the Government Accountability Office, cybersecurity incidents resulted in the loss of learning time in K-12 schools, ranging from 3 days to 3 weeks. Recovery time could take anywhere from 2 to 9 months..


ValorTech boasts 99.99% uptime, equating to a maximum of 5 minutes and 15 seconds of downtime per year. Additionally, we provide industry-leading Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity services to ensure quick and painless recoverability in the event of a cyber incident.


Optimized Budgets

When you partner with Valortech, you gain access to the expertise of a 24/7 cybersecurity team, for the cost equivalent of hiring a single internal employee.  When you choose co-managed IT services, you gain a dedicated team of strategic and technical resources ready to augment your internal resources and aid your school’s continued succeed.  


In the words of Superintendent Michael Trimberger, "We have one IT person in the entire district, but now [he] has an entire team around him with ValorTech, and that makes me feel pretty safe."


Eliminate Risk

Does tech support come to halt when your Technology Director takes vacation? Are processes and technologies well-documented in case they move on to a different position?


A small in-house team carries a lot of responsibility — and presents risk. When those resources are absent, classrooms and administrative functions can be disrupted. Your staff deserves a backup, too. Eliminate single points of failure with co-managed IT services, so your school always has the support and documentation they need.

Why Schools Partner With ValorTech

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End-to-End K12 Support

Case Study

Learn how Random Lake School District reduced IT costs by over 75%, simplified their technology blueprint and increased overall security district-wide

Resource Guide

Leverage ValorTech's K12 Education Resource Guide for tools & resources to bolster your school's cyber defenses & readiness.

K12 Webinar

Check out our webinar where we talk to a local school Superintendent for their take on today's cybersecurity challenges.

K12 Blog

Read ValorTech's blog on the latest tips for protecting your school from cyber threats and reach out to ValorTech's team to continue the discussion!

ValorTech Gives Back

Our Non-Profit Supports the Children of Fallen Heroes

Unlocking the Potential of Every Child


ValorCares is a veteran-founded, non-profit organization whose mission is to positively transform the lives of the children of fallen heroes across Wisconsin and beyond. 

We believe that every child deserves a chance to succeed and be happy. That's why we work to provide them with the resources they need to grow, learn, and thrive. Learn more >>

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