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  • Remote Monitoring​
  • Co-Managed IT
  • 24/7 Help Desk
  • Infrastructure Support
  • Vendor Management
  • End User Support & Access


What it Means to be a Military-Grade Managed Service Provider
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  • Round-the-clock cyber threat monitoring & support

  • Dedicated Network Operations Center (NOC)

  • Comprehensive support from trained experts

  • Ongoing staff training, education & support

  • Guaranteed response Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to customers whose infrastructure has to operate at the five nines

  • Highly trained technical staff is available to service your infrastructure requirements anytime, day or night


Accelerate your Business’ Digital Transformation
  • Fixed and Predictable Spending
  • Lower Operational Costs
  • Enhanced Expertise and Experience
  • Proactive Monitoring Services
  • Improved Cybersecurity
  • Best Equipment Rate
  • Reduction of Business Risk


Comprehensive Management of Your IT System


ValorTech's ValorShield is a comprehensive turnkey offering that provides a complete managed services experience... ensuring user productivity, system readiness, data availability and complete security with total visibility and governance across your IT landscape.


ValorTech has experience delivering support to businesses of all sizes - from expert advice & assessments through to managed services & helpdesk support – for all forms of IT infrastructure, digital workplaces, and IT operations. We provide a dedicated team of accredited experts for every IT challenge.


In some cases an MSP is chosen to completely replace a business’s IT team, however it is more often the case that an MSP will work to extend and enhance the existing team’s capabilities. ValorTech will empower and work flexibly with your in-house team to identify issues and maximize efficiency and cybersecurity. 


ValotTech's vendor relationships empower us to secure competitive pricing, stay at the forefront of technological advancements, and enhance our expertise through collective knowledge within our organization. We bring to the table industry-best technologies and solutions no matter your size or budget.


Take Control of Your IT Infrastructure

Remote Monitoring

With ValorTech, your system, network and devices are under constant surveillance. Remote monitoring helps to prevent issues, diagnose problems, notify and resolve faults and generate reports. Ensure uptime and security of complex networks and server systems critical to your business’ success.


24/7 Help Desk

Technical issues slow your business down and ultimately lead to negative outcomes and unplanned business expenses. Arm your employees with the tools they need to resolve technical difficulties quickly. Having ValorTech’s team of local engineers available by phone or email creates a network of resources that can provide your team with the troubleshooting assistance they need.


ValorTech Help Desk works much like an internal help desk. Users submit requests via a ticketing system, or by phone or email, and our team works to seamlessly resolve their issues. For the cost equivalent of hiring a single employee, you gain access to the expertise of our 24/7 network operations center. If the issue needs to be addressed onsite, we offer onsite support as well.

Co-managed IT

In some cases, an MSP is chosen to completely outsource an organization’s IT, however it is more often the case that an MSP will partner to extend and enhance an existing team’s capabilities. When business is expanding and new opportunities arise, you want IT to have the right resources to build on your success. ValorTech gives in-house IT teams the support they need to deliver on business goals. Our highly trained engineers work flexibly with your in-house team to identify issues and maximize efficiency. This frees up your resources to ensure that IT supports your strategy and business goals. That’s the benefit of a co-managed partnership where your team and our team work together. Ideal for mid-sized businesses with an internal IT function of one employee or more, comanaged IT support gives your team the resources needed to forge ahead.

Eliminate Single Points of Failure with Co-Managed IT Services

Does tech support come to halt when the IT director takes vacation? A small in-house team carries a lot of responsibility — and when those resources are absent, business is affected.

Your IT staff deserves a backup, too. Reduce the bottleneck with co-managed IT services so your team has the support they need — every hour of every day.


Fill Critical Skill Gaps. Co-Managed IT Deepens Your Bench.

Extend the capabilities of your IT team. Access a wide range of professionals with expertise in the different areas of your technology stack. With the right resources at your fingertips, every project is achievable. Our team is your team. Our experts are your experts. When you choose co-managed IT services, you gain a dedicated team of strategic and technical resources ready to help you meet your business goals.


Scale and Expand Your Business
Give business growth a boost. Whether your business is entering a rapid growth phase, or you’re looking for a reliable solution for remote branch locations, co-managed IT services give you the tools to scale at speed for whatever is coming next.


Standardize Documentation
Facilitate the creation and maintenance of IT documentation by relying on our process discipline and tools to make central, standardized documentation easy.


IT Infrastructure Support

In today’s modern world, IT infrastructure is the backbone of any organization’s operations; without it, you would not be able to run your business. However, it is also a complex area of technology that requires specialized knowledge and skills to manage effectively.

Monitoring System Health – Monitor system logs, run diagnostic tests, check file integrity, identify potential threats, resolve issues, and ensure everything works correctly.

Updating Security Settings – Update firewall rules and antivirus definitions, patch vulnerabilities in Windows or Linux OSes, apply updates to anti-malware programs, and ensure proper firewalls and intrusion prevention systems configuration.

Performing Routine Tasks – Perform backups, back up user profiles, restore deleted items from a previous date, clean out temporary internet files, remove old log entries, delete unused images, defragment disks, optimize disk space, recover lost passwords, and much more.

Maintaining Network Connectivity – Ensure connectivity between devices through routers, switches, hubs, wireless networks, VPN connections, and so forth.

Managing Virtual Machines – Manage VMs running different operating systems, configure networking options, install new operating systems, troubleshoot problems, migrate VMs among hosts, move VMs into production environments, and maintain performance levels.

Other responsibilities include configuring email servers, setting up printers, installing computer applications, creating custom scripts, writing documentation, training users, providing technical assistance, and resolving related issues.


Vendor Management

ValorTech has their finger on the pulse when it comes to identifying best in breed technology solutions. We’re experts on the marketplace so you don’t have to be. Allow us to manage the relationships with suppliers, while you benefit from our economies of scale, centralized vendor information and streamlined communication and reporting.

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