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Increase Efficiency, Reduce Cost, and Leverage Data Insights

ValorTech streamlines your IT operations to ensure network reliability, disaster recovery, cybersecurity, and business policies are all in alignment. Our 24x7x365 network monitoring allows us to proactively remediate vulnerabilities - before they cause downtime. Plus, our Help Desk is only a phone call away for immediate support for any major business network or productivity issues.

If the issue needs to be addressed onsite, we offer onsite support as well.


ValorTech Proudly Offers a 99.999% Infrastructure Availability SLA to Protect Against:
  • Lost Production Time - Downtime directly translates to lost production hours. When systems are not operational, manufacturing processes come to a halt. Uptime and availability play crucial roles in ensuring efficient production.

  • Reduced Revenue and Profit Margins – Unplanned downtime reduces the number of products manufactured and sold. Profit margins decrease due to increased costs (overtime pay, expedited shipping, increased troubleshooting and maintenance costs, penalties for missed delivery deadlines) and decreased output.

  • Reputational Damage - In industries with tight production schedules, even a short downtime can disrupt the entire supply chain, causing reputational damage with business partners and customers. In addition, downtime disrupts production consistency, leading to quality variations for your products.

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Military -Grade Solutions to Bolster Your Bottom Line
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The manufacturing industry has experienced a transformation toward digitalization, resulting in higher productivity and performance. However, this shift has also made the industry more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Read our blog posts about how we’re helping secure the manufacturing industry:

Strengthening Manufacturing Cybersecurity: The Imperative of Zero Trust Architecture

Manufacturing Cybersecurity: Overcoming 6 Key Challenges

Compliance Management

We recognize that compliancy best practices are critical to your success as a manufacturer. So together, we’ll streamline your compliance achievement and make it easy to stay in compliance.

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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) plans are an essential part of a coordinated cyber-defense strategy, and vital in maintaining operations during a cyberattack, natural disaster (like a flood or fire), or pandemic. A BCDR plan is your playbook for safeguarding the business; your battle-tested shield, ensuring your business stands strong even when disaster strikes. ValorTech protects our clients every step of the way – from BCDR planning and policy creation, to testing and continued maintenance - we have your six.


Minimize Downtime – A BCDR plan is critical in resotring your operations  in the event of a cyber attack or natural disaster.
Shield Sensitive Data – Critical data (I.P., Production Schedules, Customer Orders, and Financial Records) is safe-guarded
Maintain Compliance and Trust – Maintain compliance and customer trust by having a well-tested plan in place.

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Co-Managed IT

From fully outsourced IT operations to an extension of an existing team, ValorTech provides manufacturing organizations the security, resources and performace to succeed. 

Eliminate Single Points of Failure - Reduce the bottleneck with co-managed IT services so your team has the support they need — every hour of every day.

Fill Critical Skill Gaps -  Co-Managed IT Deepens Your Bench. Extend the capabilities of your IT team with a wide range of professionals with expertise in the different areas of your technology stack. 

Scale and Expand Your Business - Co-managed IT services give you the tools to scale at speed for whatever is coming next.

Standardize Documentation - Facilitate the creation and maintenance of IT documentation to make central, standardized documentation easy.

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IT Infrastructure Support

ValorTech offers a structured process for understanding your manufacturing goals and implementing a successful IT infrastructure system. Collaborate with our team to create your industrial IT strategy and drive results following our implementation process.

Monitoring System Health – Monitor system logs, run diagnostic tests, check file integrity, identify potential threats, resolve issues, and ensure everything works correctly.


Updating Security Settings – Update firewall rules and antivirus definitions, patch vulnerabilities in Windows or Linux OSes, apply updates to anti-malware programs, and ensure proper firewalls and intrusion prevention systems configuration.


Performing Routine Tasks – Perform backups, back up user profiles, restore deleted items from a previous date, clean out temporary internet files, remove old log entries, delete unused images, defragment disks, optimize disk space, recover lost passwords, and much more.


Maintaining Network Connectivity – Ensure connectivity between devices through routers, switches, hubs, wireless networks, VPN connections, and so forth.


Managing Virtual Machines – Manage VMs running different operating systems, configure networking options, install new operating systems, troubleshoot problems, migrate VMs among hosts, move VMs into production environments, and maintain performance levels.


Other responsibilities include configuring email servers, setting up printers, installing computer applications, creating custom scripts, writing documentation, training users, providing technical assistance, and resolving related issues.

Vendor Management

ValorTech has their finger on the pulse when it comes to identifying best in breed technology solutions. We’re experts on the marketplace so you don’t have to be. Allow us to manage the relationships with suppliers, while you benefit from our economies of scale, centralized vendor information and streamlined communication and reporting.

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