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Defining Great Customer Service

To grow as an MSSP in a competitive market, companies need to be able to stand out from one another. Providing great support goes beyond just numbers, it comes with having the right people, with the right attitude and a healthy dose of teamwork. While every company will have their go to guys/gals for specific tasks, having another team members support when you have a sick child, a chess match or just need a night away provides a culture of trust and support, giving the team the ability to stay on mission while exceeding expectations.

Valortech has SLA’s (Service Level Agreements) in place that are on par with the typical MSPs, ranging from 24 hours first response for low priority tickets to 30 minute first response for critical items. The resolution time for these also has a typical range with 72 hours until resolved for low priority down to 4 hours for critical. Companies and management need these metrics to show that they can make their commitments, while also being able to check on performance of team members in a NOC/SOC role and their ability to close these items out.

Being in at the base level and starting as support at Valortech, I wanted every ticket that came in to feel as it was critical to our team, as anyone that has ever had a tech issue knows it feels critical to themselves. Since January of 2021 the team has these following metrics to show for their efforts, 93% to first response with 99% meeting the resolution time. While all companies strive for these kinds of numbers, if we explore more we see a bigger picture we can see the average time for resolution for low priority tickets is 4.65 hour from January 2021 until February 28 th, 2023.

While being able to show these numbers is one thing, Valortech sends out customer satisfaction surveys when tickets are closed and these stats are the ones that matter most to me in the industry, of the 634 surveys to date, the average score for both the resource and company are 4.9 out of 5. From experience, the customers that usually have the most to say are the ones that are the most disappointed, at Valortech these are the responses we get:

“So grateful for the VT team! They help me quickly and efficiently every time! Thank you!”

“You guys are amazing! Thank you for all your support and guidance through all my questions!”

“Amazing service, resolved within minutes. Thank you for your professionalism!”

“On top of all of the above - I was surprised that someone was available then. I thought my message would sit untll at least 8:00am - NOPE. Instant response very early in the morning and instant resolution! Cool! Thanks!”

The above comments are just a few of the survey responses that didn’t include a techs name that helped to quickly turn around an issue critical to them in a timely manner. The additional metrics and surveys themselves come from Valortech’s ticketing tool, which itself grants the team greater ability to track down and provide metrics to our clients as needed. To truly provide exceptional customer service, modern organizations do need the metrics, but just as important is having the right tools, the right people and the right mindset. After all, one of the best ways to expand business is to have the satisfaction of current customers do it for you.


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